Wednesday 25 June 2014

Publications - 2014 Update

Burton Mayers Books are pleased to announce that Making Trakz and October's Son will be published internationally by the end of 2014.

Making Trakz is a prequel to the Spikez series of books about an unlikely group of animal cyborgs, built by the British Military to thwart global terrorism.  The book focuses on the creation of Trakz, a domestic mouse who is transformed into a super-intelligent being by the eccentric Professor Windar.  Copies of the 2nd Draft were given to Year 6 and 7 students at Ashlyns School in Hertfordshire to read; parents and a select group of school librarians and academics also read the draft.  The feedback was extremely positive, with students commenting that they found the characters engaging, funny and believable; the narrative was described as exciting and original with great pace. 

The final draft has now been approved and work has begun on formatting for publication.

 October's Son is at the final stages of editing.  Burton Mayers Books have been in contact with the elusive author, John Michaelson, by Skype to clarify and refine the work into a publishable novel.  The book is written in a diary style with references to people and places in London; there will be photographs, links to the London Vampire website and much more.  Readers will not be disappointed, although their perceptions of underground life in London and their definition of what a vampire is in today's world will change.
More details will follow during the coming months.  Stay tuned for pictures, sneak peeks and much more.