Wednesday 29 June 2016

Publications Update - Summer 2016

New titles are planned for release by the end of this year.

In 2015 we announced that the sequel to Spikez was in production, and then John Michaelson - aka The London Vampire - expressed a desire to share some of his secretive work with us. That left us feeling very excited about what 2016 might bring!

Promotion for Making Trakz is drawing to a close, with author Richard Mayers visiting the final schools and libraries across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire this summer.  The book has proven to be very popular with children and adults alike (see reviews) and the concept remains ahead of its time. 

Spikez: Red Dragon carries on where Spikez left off and sees the animal cyborg branch of MI6 travel halfway across the world to prevent a global apocalypse.  Can Windar's misfit team prevent an army of self-aware animal cyborgs being released across China? 

Back in London, John Michaelson has been busy tracking down the Ants and uncovering their involvement in human trafficking operations. Recently, he took up an invitation to write for a horror magazine (SQ Magazine), sharing his dark experiences and casting light on the modern vampire phenomenon affecting Europe.  We predicted a release of Nuptial Flight on Flying Ant Day but that didn't sit too well with him, so we will have to wait, but anticipate an October 2016 release - although according to his latest article, Michaelson hints that we might see some excepts in the run-up.

Michaelson has written two articles in recent months

Plans for a picture book were put on hold due to artist commitments so we are actively scouting for new talent to join our growing team of authors and illustrators. There are plans to widely expand the title into digital platforms so watch this space.  Lavender the Hedgehog will appear in her own adventure, hopefully some time next spring when she comes out of hibernation.

All the titles from Burton Mayers Books are available (paperback and Kindle) from major retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, and Barnes & Noble.  Please check out the reviews and follow us on Twitter to receive all the latest news, offers and deals linked to our titles.  For all media enquiries related to our authors, please contact them directly through Twitter.

@Spikez_Novel - Richard Mayers (Spikez, Making Trakz, Spikez:Red Dragon)
@TheLondonVamp - John Michaelson (October's Son: The London Vampire Diaries, Nuptial Flight)