Saturday 23 November 2019

The Evolution of Spikez

On the 1st October 2012, Spikez was published on hardback and paperback.  The first title from Burton Mayers Books, Spikez was packed full of ideas and technology, including QR codes that linked to interactive content, bonus chapters, and secret files linked to the book.
The Evolution of the Iconic British Hedgehog

Spikez taught us so much about the world of publishing and we are very much still developing and growing our portfolio of books and authors using our knowledge gained from the production of the title.  In October 2019, seven years later, we finally got round to releasing the second edition.  We took out about 20 pages, reformatted, and adjusted much of the online content - which will not just be hosted on one platform: from 29th November 2019; this will coincide with the re-release of Spikez: Titanium Edition, a sleeker, faster version of the book.
Spikez: Titanium Edition is in a sleeker, silver look format and released on 29th November 2019. 

In seven years, printing costs have changed and expectations of booksellers and the wholesale discounts available to them have also forced many independent publishers to only sell their books privately.  To counter this, we've had to adjust our pricing to remain competitive.  Both books are available to buy worldwide, with Spikez (390 pages) now at £9.99 whilst Spikez: Titanium Edition (318 pages) is available to purchase for £8.99.

The look and design of each book have changed over the years with the images below showing the noticeable comparison between both books.  We're delighted with the outcomes and are sure that you will agree that they are even better than before.

Spikez: Titanium Edition comes out on the 29th November and the 2nd Edition of Spikez is back in stock on 4th December 2019 - just in time for Christmas.