Friday 22 February 2019

Growing into 2019 - titles update and publishing news

We ended 2018 by publishing our first children's picture book, The Hedgehog's Full Moon Party.

The five star reviews have been coming in, we recently completed an official launch in Feb 2019, and off the back of this title we now we have a jam-packed year ahead of us.
A popular addition to our children's titles.
Firstly, with channel sales up by 24% and an increase of 44% in sales compared to 2018, Burton Mayers Books are setting out plans to expand their operations.  The blog will migrate to a website as we develop our relationship with Ingram and look to release digital titles (ePUB) versions of all our existing titles and rekindle our relationship with Nielsen's enhanced services.  So you may see Spikez, October's Son, Making Trakz and Nuptial Flight coming to an ereader very soon.
Despite vanishing, John Michaelson's legacy will continue online.
Secondly, there are already two new authors about to debut with Burton Mayers Books this year.  Matt Adcock will be releasing his cyber-punk, sci-fi slice of darkness across the literary world, adding to our already dark and murky adult titles; Liz Noble joins our children's portfolio with her eponymous series of books: Osmond the Toad.  We're really excited to tell you more, so watch this space - or rather, check out the website when it's up and running.

Spikez, nearly seven years after being published, is getting a second edition revision which includes updating links, adding to the online content and also setting the way for two new welcome additions: Spikez - Titanium Version, a slicker, shortened version of the prickly cyborg superhero novel; Spikez: Red Dragon, a dark vision of what the world could be like if animal cyborgs were turned into mercenaries in a global playing field.  Again, more details to follow.

Spikez will get a facelift in 2019
We're all really excited about these upcoming developments and want to thank those who have supported us by buying our titles, sharing our books across social media, and those who take time to read our updates and share our journey with us.  Again, thank you.

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